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Mobile App Development

  • Do you want your customers to carry your business with them wherever they go?
  • How about being accessible to just about anyone in the world, at any given time?

If this is what you are looking for, then we have the solution…

In today's world, everything is mobile.

Wherever we go, all we have to do is take a device with us and we have instant access to businesses, products, services and information from all over the world.

At Twinglr, we are totally dedicated to creating mobile apps that are all about usability – we want your customers to be able to access your information with complete ease. After all, if your mobile app works well, it is a reflection on your business.

Customers who struggle with an app are more likely to click off and look for something else, more than likely one of your rivals, as something people strive to have in today's modern world is instant gratification for what they are looking for.

And nine times out of ten, they will get it, so don't be the business that can't offer that.

Apps are all about convenience and putting yourself in the pocket of your customers wherever they go, and once you have that presence, you have your customer.

Users will be able to access the powerful features of their phone via your app, and you can integrate all of the functions such as the camera, location data and push notifications right into the app.

Remind customers that you're with them every day

Push notifications will remind your customer that you are still with them wherever they go – ensuring that your app doesn't become unused!

They key word with Twinglr is quality, and we don't play games with your business – we know why you need an app, and we know how to deliver effective products with a stunning variety of features to cover every aspect of your business.

There's no substitute for quality, which is why we work tirelessly to create something that will evoke emotion, cue a reaction and encourage customer engagement and sales.

Our pledge to our customers is that we won't complete until you are completely satisfied with your finished app, and we will check back with you once its finished to go over any snags that you may have.

Dedicated to delivering a comprehensive service with a friendly approach – our mobile apps are second to none.

Powerful mobile applications built to purpose.


Businesses use BarCodes website to upload a promotion to the BarCode mobile app, customers can then use the app to redeem vouchers.

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