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Web-Based App Development

  • Do you want to be able to access business schedules in fast, real-time?
  • Are you in need of a web-based app that allows you manage your business from one, central hub?

Then you are in the right place…

Accessed via the browser on a mobile device, web-based applications mean that you can access everything that keeps your business ticking over from any device, at any time, without actually having to download any software to do so.

Ideal for those who like to keep up to date with everything that is going on with their business without having to send emails to a mass of different people to check in, web based applications give you real-time information and plenty of functions that enhance productivity and keep your business running like clockwork, even when you're not physically there.

Time really is money when you are a business owner, and web-based applications save you time in abundance, and by saving time, you are saving those all-important pounds.

  • Want to know what's going on in your sales department? No problem.
  • How about manage your customer base? Done.
  • Do you want to introduce a new booking system? Easy.

Business can be stressful, but if you put a web-based application in place to manage and assist, then you are freeing up time and reducing stress, meaning you can concentrate on separate areas of the business worry-free.

Uncomplicated, straight-forward user interfaces that make life easier for everybody, our web-based applications are all about one thing: convenience.

Our team works hard to create custom software that is relevant to each client, alongside custom software and web apps that are made solely to improve business processes, whether that be customer relationship management systems, tracking platforms or booking systems – we do it all in the most streamlined technique.

Bespoke software

No two businesses are the same, even if they sell the same product or service.


Because each business has their own set of standards, ideas and goals, and we love to hear all about them in order to create web-based apps that cater to each need, each individual idea and each individual goal that customers have.

We want you to have a service that is all about you – we just go around what your musts are, and build upon them. Our business isn't about making life easier for us as experts, it's about you.

All systems that are developed are done to the highest of standards and we strive to do so in a timely manner that gets your presence active in no time at all.

Extensive coding library

It may seem like jargon to many, but our extensive coding library means that we can develop your applications faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors. We give you the best for the smaller price tag – it's that simple.

The possibilities with web-based apps are endless and they can be used for everything from customer-management, workload management, to send messages, SMS alerts…all at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

A small collection of some of the web-based apps we have built.

Blue Bee FM

Feature packed facility management software - dashboards, auto-issuing work orders, document and certificate storage. Property owners and contractors are notified and kept up-to-date in real-time via emails and text messages.


Property rental tool allowing landlords to list their properties, and potential tenants to search for local properties, apply online and report potential issues to the landlord.

ACE Bookings

Global venue finding software - a fully integrated system to allow enquiries, bookings, confirmations and invoices to be generated automatically from source, along with a full reporting suite.


Call tracking service to track all incoming and outgoing calls. The software helps data-driven marketers optimise the performance of their advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness, and improve customer retention.

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