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  • Are you setting up a new business and need a web presence?
  • Do you already have a business with a web presence that isn't quite cutting it?

Allow us to use our expertise, meet your challenges and create an online presence that commands attention.

At Twinglr, we believe that every website should be unique, with no exceptions. We want every single business that comes to us to feel reassured that they are getting a product that is completely unique to their company.

Working with a commitment to excellence, our team starts from the roots upwards and builds websites from scratch in order to accommodate each requirement of your business. We analyse each element to ensure it will work for you, and we do so with a fast and friendly service.

We are on your side from the off.

When we begin, we create a plan that consists of your ideas, our ideas, your requirements for the website and what you want it to do, and how you want your customers to view it. We then get our thinking caps on and start work on developing something that is focused around your customers, as well as the important functions that you need.

  • Do you want to encourage enquiries? No problem – we can help to do that.
  • How about a good old sales boost? That's fine, too.

You see, we know how to design websites that not only look visually stunning, but that perform, too. Every business has a different purpose for what they want their website for, which is why we don't believe in cookie-cutter websites.

Don't miss out on business exposure

Are you still unsure as to whether you need a website?

OK, let's simplify this as much as possible – you do.

People access the internet on the go, and it is very much a part of everyday life. With most people turning to Google to seek out services and products, it is important that yours is up there with the best of them, or you are isolating yourself from that line of traffic.

With many customers accessing the internet via mobile phone and tablet devices, we know that it's vital to make sure that our website look great and perform perfectly no matter where they are accessed.

Our team creates responsive websites that have easy to read content, easy to navigate menus and no need to resize, zoom in or pan in order to view what is live in your site.

Google rankings

One of the main things that our customers ask us is whether we can get them higher up in the search rankings via Google.

To which we reply - "Of course we can!"

We have helped many of our clients get their new websites onto the first page of Google, allowing them to benefit from the perks of being a prominent company that scores highly in the rankings of the world's most famous search engine.

A small collection of some of the websites we have built.

Sean Aldred Cleaning
Sean Aldred Cleaning

Sean Aldred's website allows his business to grow while supporting his existing customers by allowing them to pay online using PayPal.

DH Flooring
DH Flooring

DH Flooring wanted a way for new customers to find their shops, and to showcase previous work and provide quality information about the flooring that they have on offer.

Bubbles And Squeaks Window Cleaning
GoGleam Cleaning

GoGleam wanted to grow their business by promoting themselves online and provide a way for existing customers to pay for missed visits via PayPal.

La Basse Boulais
La Basse Boulais

La Basse Boulais is a holiday home located in Brittany, North West France. They needed a way of allowing people to see photos and all of the information about the property and surrounding areas, and to provide them a way of requesting to book online.

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